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This is really fun! great job on your first game, you clearly put a lot of effort into it! Reminds me of how flash games ruled everything around me in the 90s. do you have any plans to add music and sound? that's the only thing i didn't like--the lack of audio kinda detracts from the immersion imho. getting a SLAAASSHHH as I cut down a troll would definitely be rewarding--but i guess i could just play nes DW tracks in the background and make do.

can't wait to see what you come out with next!

Thank for trying it! So glad you enjoyed it. I know music and sound effects are sorely missing. I intended to put it in there put it took so long to make I just wanted to put it out. I don't think I'm going to put any more effort into that game. I do plan on starting a new project, but I can't until i finish school. But my next game will be pretty different. Top down, action adventure game with guns, bombs and lasers. Kind of like OG Zelda with guns. My next game for sure will have music and sound effects. I just can't ever find anyone to help me with that aspect, since I can't offer any money. I'm going to make it in Unity and the community actually sells music, sound effects and graphics, so i'll see if they have good stuff so my next game will look and sound a lot better. But always free. I'm relally big on making free games, and totally free. Even if I made a great one that everone loved, I'd still wnat it to be free because i love gaming so much I don't wnat anyone not to be able to experince it.

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good to hear you want to make free games, that's very admirable work! i think people are too quick to try to capitalize on any modicum of talent they have, and in the process cheapen it. once you dedicate yourself to selling your skills you make your life a business, rather than a life. sharing is an important skill, one that doesn't get enough credit.

you can use bfxr to make 8 & 16 bit sfx easily. also the music community has tons of free music (and hidden talent) for non-commercial/attribution license. since you make good free games i'm sure you could even find somebody on there to make original music for you.

oh, and has lots of free everythings! check it out if you haven't.

Thanks man! Those are some really good sources. I really wish i could get started on my new game. I just csnt het into until school is over. It sucks up a lot of my time. But i will for sure check out those recourses for my new game. Thanks again!